Season of Disappearing Hopes

March is indeed a very crucial month for football clubs in Europe as it decides whether they go on to win titles or simply yet another season of disappearing hopes. Manchester City’s clash with league leader Liverpool next week could decide the outcome and the destination of the Premier League trophy with only seven more games left to play. Just like what happened to Real Madrid late last month during the Clasico matchup at the Bernabeu. And we know what the outcome of that El Clasico as Los Blancos are now trailing leaders Atletico Madrid by three points, which just a couple of weeks ago they are ahead by the same points.

So it is critical to take each game to try and win in order to take the maximum points considering how slim the margins are that separates the top five clubs. A single slip up at this moment could mean the difference between winning the trophy and start dreaming again for next season. Real Madrid, I guess, is an expert on that matter as they continue to push for their desire to claim La Decima as it has been more than a decade now since they have lifted the Champions League trophy. And on Tuesday they will try to finish off their quest and book their place in the last four at the expense of Borussia Dortmund who was outplayed 0-3 at the Bernabeu.

Or could it be another season of disappearing hopes for Manchester City and Real Madrid?

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