It’s Daylight Saving Time Again

Here comes again a particular point at which we have to adjust and set your clocks as daylight saving time is about to start. It’s now time to change your clocks forward because it marks the beginning of DST 2014. And let it be known that it is officially known as Daylight Saving Time with no “S” on savings although it is very common to hear people and even see on prints with the “S” on it. Nonetheless, the most important thing is you have set forward your clocks no matter what century your clock is.

One good thing is that, if you are using your smartphones and personal computers as your alarm clocks then most of them changed automatically. But on the other hand, you still need to do a manual time change of the clock of your grandfathers and all those non-digital bedside alarms one hour ahead of your present time so for you to conform to the daylight saving time 2014.

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