I Just Did a Jenson

That’s what Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton said after the second race of the 2013 season. And this post should have been made late last March after the Malaysian Grand Prix but I forgot to write about it so here it is now.

After spending five successful years in McLaren, Hamilton joined Mercedes for the 2013 season and after just two races, he immediately made a blunder that caused many to smile. During one of his pit stop in the Malaysian Grand Prix, he made a mistake when he pulled at a wrong pit box. That alone is already quite funny to think but could be a reasonable mistake as it was only his second race of the season after transferring from a different team.
Lewis came to a halt at the pit box of McLaren, his former team, for a tire change and he eventually drove further when he probably realized that his crew is not helping him and was signaled to move through. And I think it was only then that he noticed that he was at the pit box of McLaren and not Mercedes. No one could blame him for the mistake as he has been stopping there for several years. Then at the interview after the race, he said, I just did a Jenson. He was referring to Jenson Button who made a similar error in the past.

NB: Image from wikipedia.

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