Gareth Bolt: The Prince of Wales

With the World Cup coming to its end and the first two matches of the last eight games will be played tonight featuring the surprised improvement of France against the ever consistent Germany in the first game. Then host nation Brazil will face-off against the surprised brilliance of its South American neighbors, Colombia, in a late kick-off tonight (at least in my side of the world). And it is at this stage of the tournament that the games become so intense that a simple mistake will have you packing your gym bag and head home early.

The first semifinalist will be known in tonight’s games between France and Germany then Brazil vs Colombia. It is at this point that the work as a whole of each team will be tested whether they go home or moves on to play at Estadio Mineirão. This just reminded me that despite the team effort, there’s always an individual brilliance, the likes of James Rodriguez that will show up in the end and that of Gareth Bale’s impressive and remarkable run and finish during the recent Copa del Rey finals against arch-rivals Barcelona.

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Bale’s moment of individual magic has earned him a few monikers already. He was hailed as the “Prince of Wales” and some christened him as “Gareth Bolt” because of his burst of pace and astonishing sprint despite being pushed off the pitch then score the winning goal in the 85th minute in his first Copa del Rey finals. It all started from another counter-attack when he collected the ball on the left of the pitch just inside Real Madrid’s own half then Bartra tried to stop him by pushing him well off the pitch and at some point, it looks like the ball was going out but Bale managed to keep it in, sprint back into the pitch with some four yards back from his defender then catch up with the ball first before he slotted the ball between the legs of Barca’s goalkeeper that set off wild celebrations from the fans.

One must need to see the play because words can’t simply describe it properly of how amazing and breathtaking it was. In fact, one journalist has written it like this, “The strength he has to run, get out of the field, get past the defender and then kick the ball. Unbelievable”.

Many believe that the hefty price tag (100 million Euros) that Real Madrid paid to bring him from Tottenham has paid off already and his incredible power and strength so late of the match indicates that he has it within him to be one of the best players in the world.

Check out the video of Bale’s amazing run towards the goal.

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