Champions Once Again

Tonight is the night for the ageless San Antonio Spurs to become champions once again. It will be their fifth NBA title in 15 years if they are going to beat the one-man operation Miami Heat inside the doorstep of the AT&T Center. The Spurs maybe or perhaps having a psychological advantage in tonight’s Game 5 with back to back blowouts in Games 3 and 4, right at Miami’s own backyard. And although San Antonio dominated the Heat on its home court yet the playoff history is against my beloved Spurs as they only won one, three in a row, of its three previous playoffs opponents. While the Heat is also relying on last season’s soul-crushing Game 6 win against the Spurs with only less than 30 seconds left in regulation.

Miami, on the other hand, must also need to work a miraculous comeback in order to win the series and become only a few teams to make threepeat, since NO teams in the NBA Finals has come back from a 3-1 deficit and win the championship series. And to make matters worse for Miami, they need three straight victories also of their own and two of those games will be in San Antonio starting tonight’s Game 5.

As for the Spurs, despite their aging Big 3 (Duncan, Manu, Parker) they still continued their fluid offensive confidence at the same time limiting Miami’s offensive firepower or perhaps Miami’s knees are aging too? My say is that, the Spurs never cared too much who scores the most but as long as the team scores, that is all enough for them. In fact, the team’s balanced scoring is evidence enough of their fluid ball movement of who gets the high percentage shot and that everybody is involved. So a win tonight will make Tim Duncan the first player to win titles in three decades and will be a sweet victory in avenging last season’s heartbreaking NBA Finals loss.

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