Bringing Street View in Cebu

It wasn’t that long that I wrote about Google’s new project in the Philippines by bringing “Street View” in the country. And that they will start mapping out a panoramic view for the first time in one of the many historical sites in the Philippines which is in Intramuros. The funny thing is that, even before I could finish writing that post, a friend of mine called already and told me that there’s a “Street View” images that he saw in our place in Cebu. In fact, I even emphasize in that post that it won’t take that long before it will be available, not only in major cities.

So this morning, I opened Google Maps but was a little be frustrated because I can only see one area, although historical site, that has a Street View. And since I am not satisfied with what I got, I tried to search it and eventually saw a link with only a handful panoramic view of Cebu. As early as of this time, I am quite satisfied even there’s only a few of it available and only two historical sites.

The only thing that I noticed is it came from a certain contributor as it has their names in it as watermark. Perhaps they just uploaded it in Google Maps and were then authorized by Google for public use because it was just late last month that they will launched Street View in the Philippines starting in four historical sites in Intramuros. But as I have said in my previous post that it won’t be that long before Google bring more panoramic Street View in Cebu considering that there are also more that Cebu can offer. It will also perhaps a good marketing strategy to use for Cebu’s tourism in attracting more local and international tourist.

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